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September 4, 2012

TV News Anchor Dawn Timmeney Found Success in Sports First

PhillyBurbs highlights George School graduate Dawn Timmeney ’79. Dawn, who is a news anchor for NBC Philadelphia, grew up on the playing fields of Bucks and Montgomery counties and says that athletics at George School was an important part of her life.

“Dawn credits what she learned competing for George School in helping her succeed in her career,” reports Stuart London.

“I’m a competitive person and I always have been,” Dawn says in the article. “Instead of winning a game, it’s now trying to beat the competition or doing the best job on a story. Sports also taught you to work as a team. That’s very important in the newsroom.”

At George School, Dawn played field hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and swam, but her favorite was field hockey.

“Our coach was Anne LeDuc. She was also the lacrosse coach there and she said I was going to play lacrosse. I was like, ‘OK,’ and I loved it,” said Dawn.

Girls’ Athletic Director Nancy Bernardini said, “I remember Dawn Timmeney as nice and a hard worker. Someone who would listen and try their best. She’s the kind of kid who made me want to stay at George School.” Read more.

Photo courtesy of Matt Stanley, staff photographer, phillyBurbs.com.

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January 15, 2015

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The international student community at George School presented a wonderful range of dances, songs, and instrumental music performances in their annual International Student Assembly.
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