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Our Students

Chloe Hannah-Drullard ’16

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Boarding Student

“I expected the whole boarding school thing to be a lot more strict and posh, but it’s cooler than that.” 

What is your favorite extracurricular activity?

Acapocalypse, our a cappella club, is the highlight of my week. I’m well rounded in my interests, but I choose music over everything, and a cappella was perfect for me. Perfect except for... “Who are all these tall people?”

Entering my first club meeting, I discovered that I was the only freshman, and a wee shy one at that. I had been the oldest eighth grader in my class of ten, and now I was no longer top dog. There were big, scary upperclassmen!

I soon realized my fears were totally irrational. A senior said, “Hi! I’m Theresa. Welcome to this absolute madness.” We then did warm-ups where we “channeled our inner beluga whale” and “made noise like the TARDIS.” I realized that those big, scary upperclassmen were just silly Georgians who happened to be a little taller and a tad wiser. I figured out that pretty much every big, scary upperclassman is just as friendly as my newfound “Aca-people,” and that George School, while academically challenging, is a place for hugs and sticky buns, not fear.

More about Chloe:

An enthusiastic participant in the Anime and Outdoor clubs as well as Acapocalypse, Chloe also enjoys playing the violin in the orchestra.