About George School

At George School, we believe the world can be better and society can be different. We think that the rat race isn’t the only means and majority rule (with minority suffering) isn’t the only method.

It means that when you come here, you’ll ponder life, truth, and knowledge itself. You’ll read Wuthering Heights and reflect how a mid-nineteenth-century novel can make a contemporary statement. You’ll compete in sports like lacrosse or softball. You’ll write your own Canterbury tale. You’ll use pantomime to learn ceramics, iMovie to learn physics, and The New York Times to learn economics. (You may also blast music, build bonfires, and even learn to juggle.)

It happens through our incredible courses—like AP Calculus or Spanish Seminar or any of the courses in our ultra-challenging International Baccalaureate Program. And it happens because the teachers and staff are proactive and plugged in. They’re ready to offer advice, cookies, or whatever the moment calls for.

So when you leave this campus, you may head off to Harvard or Haverford or Hamburg, Germany, go home to Mauritania, or return to the simplicity of a Quaker farm. But you will be different from when you came.