Campus and Facilities

George School is oaks and hemlocks, dogwoods and redbuds. It’s cleome blossoms in the bushes and clover in the grass. It’s running paths through the woods and Frisbee on the lawns. It’s red brick buildings, old wooden desks, wireless internet.

George School is the solar-powered Alternative Energy Center. It’s a Philadelphia meetinghouse from 1812 conserved and moved to our campus. It’s future-minded sustainability and a Zen-ish bear hug of the present. It’s hundreds of research databases and ebooks at the library, 600 seats at the arts center, and one-on-one meetings with a teacher.

Our campus is home. And yet it’s very much away. You will feel safe and nurtured here. But you’ll also feel challenged as you encounter new ideas, new people, new ways of life even. It may seem as though, in this lovely, leafy, tiny spot of woods, you have unearthed a new universe.

Are you ready to come see it?