Our Mission

Accomplishing our goal of educating students is not simple or ordinary (at least not how we do it). For us, it’s not enough for students to acquire great knowledge about great things and be truly prepared for college. It’s not enough for them to make strides in social development, creative talent, and athletic ability.

Yes, we push our students to do all these things. But we also press them to look deep inside, to find and clarify their authentic selves, to blossom intellectually, personally, and spiritually.

Students learn about the tension between individual and community, that fairness and justice are inherently tied to each other. They learn to express themselves without trampling others, asking for what they need rather than demanding what they want.

Then, in what seems a fitting fulfillment of our mission, George School students joyously go out into the world comfortable in their self-awareness and confident that they can make the world a better, kinder place.

Read George School’s Mission Statement and Core Values.