College Counseling

The mission of George School’s College Counseling Office is to help you find a college that is right for you. It’s to help you “let your life speak.” That’s a Quaker phrase we like to use around here that, in practical terms, means you’ll get lots of individual counselor attention and you’ll look at lots of different colleges. It is not a cookie cutter approach. Some of these colleges and universities may be household names; others may be initially unfamiliar. With this approach our counselors honor the diversity of George School students’ achievements, interests, aspirations, and circumstances with the goal to matriculate at a college that will be an excellent match.

To do that, you have plenty of resources. There is Naviance’s Family Connection, the college and career search program which every student and parent has access to. You can meet college admission officers when they come to visit George School (during the fall of 2016, over 200 colleges visited campus), browse the available college guidebooks and online resources in the College Counseling Research Corner and attend the variety of programs about the college search process offered by the College Counseling Office each year.

But far and away the best resource you have here are the college counselors who have years of experience in the college admission process. You’ll be matched with your college counselor in the second term of your junior year and your counselor will work closely with you through the entire college search process. And our diverse student body with its multitude of interests means our counselors have worked with and looked at a very wide range of schools, including but by no means limited to the most selective. Our counselors attend conferences, visit college campuses, and network with other independent schools, so they are well trained at advocating for you, helping you, reviewing your college application materials and, then, ultimately, helping you make the big step to college.