Courses & Course Planning

It’s in the George School classroom where you fall in love with learning. And we define “classroom” pretty broadly. You might be sitting at or on a desk soaking up Faulkner or debating DeMoivre’s theorem in precalc. You might be on a service trip in Vietnam or you might be studying the ecosystem of a stream—in a stream. (Note to self: wear waders to class!) You might be on a stage, in a darkroom, or at the Philadelphia Furniture Show.

But no matter where or what our “classroom” might be, George School courses introduce you to complex numbers and thinking, expression and aesthetics, problems and solutions in a compelling way.

To start with, we’re one of a few U.S. boarding schools with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. This curriculum, recognized worldwide, is tough and interesting; it both pushes you and rewards you mightily. But IB alone doesn’t define us.

For example, check out our Advanced Placement (AP) classes. There are also other treasured courses outside IB and AP, the ones where you learn French digging Chocolat and environmental science watching compost. There are classes where you distill the intricacies of woodworking into a finely polished box or clear the inscrutability of physical velocity with a robot you programmed yourself. They’ll all get your mind out into the world and you out of your chair.