IB Certificate Program

“When I arrived at Princeton University my freshman year, I was thrilled to find that two young women on my hall, one from Africa and one from Asia, had earned the same IB Diploma as I had. I was grateful for finding these instant companions who had shared a common goal!”
—Nicole G. ’02

Recognizing that the full diploma program may not be for everyone, George School offers the IB Certificate program in over twenty different areas of study. Certificate candidates take courses in their areas of academic interest and, upon completion of these classes, may sit for higher-level or standard-level tests. They receive an IB Certificate for each course successfully completed. Students may begin in the full diploma program as juniors and then opt for IB certificates in individual subjects in their senior year if their academic interests shift.

If you are interested and enthusiastic about one or more subject areas, are seeking advanced challenge in those subject areas, and are willing to complete all internal and external assessments in those subject areas, the IB Certificate program may be right for you. You can review several IB classes within our Courses and Course Planning section.

For more information, see the official IB website. You can also contact George School’s IB Coordinator Ralph Lelii with any questions.