IB Diploma Program

“Because of my IB scores, I received an entire year off at NYU. In my free year I will begin my master’s program. This will enable me to earn my MA by the time I turn 22!”
—Emily W. ’05

George School’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is an extraordinary and challenging two-year curriculum undertaken in a student’s junior and senior years. The diploma program structures and balances rigorous academic work with additional requirements that place students in community service and creative and physical activities. Standardized internationally, the program prepares graduates for college here in the United States or at universities around the world.

Designed as a comprehensive curriculum that allows its graduates to fulfill requirements of the various national systems of education, the IB Program is based on the pattern of no single country. The IB Program, established in 1965 in Geneva, has grown to include 2,399 schools in 129 countries. Of the 1,355 IB schools in North America, there are only a few independent boarding schools, and George School is one of them. The IB Program was started at George School in 1985, and it has grown from an initial class of three to the current group of 40 senior and 42 junior diploma candidates. Our success rate for earning the IB Diploma has been 90 percent over the past 19 years, significantly higher than the international average of 85 percent.

For more information, see the official IB website. You can also contact George School’s IB Coordinator Ralph Lelii with any questions.