Our Faculty

If you were scoring George School’s faculty and staff, you’d see some nice numbers: Over 60 percent have advanced degrees; almost 20 percent have been here 30 years or more.

But if you consider hearts, minds, and flying chalk dust (or PowerPoint slides), you’ll find things look even better. The people who work at George School are committed, passionate, engaged. So when you come here, you’re jumping into a spinning orb of a world that is informal and collaborative, interconnected and interdependent; it brings out the potential in everyone. And yet those teachers, librarians, and dorm heads, at the same time they’re nurturing this collective energy, they somehow, in a seeming contradiction, find a way to foster leadership, independence, and maturity in you. It’s weird. It’s exciting.

And you’ll call them all by their first names.

The unofficial slogan—”Be asked. Be answered.”—is about being creative, dynamic, and open to revelation. Our faculty and staff will show you how. Just as you show them.

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