Financial Aid

George School is known for its strong Quaker values, diverse community, and the excellence of its academic, athletics, and arts programs. To support this community diversity, George School offers over $8 million in need-based financial aid to nearly 50 percent of its students each year. This substantial financial commitment creates an environment in which students with widely varying life experiences can learn together. A small number of students are also eligible for a limited number of merit-based and Quaker financial awards. Financial aid is renewable each year the student remains at George School.

We understand that sending a child to George School is a significant financial commitment. Therefore, families are encouraged to apply for aid if they think that the cost of attending George School is greater than their ability to pay. The Financial Aid Committee expects families applying for aid to use all available avenues to contribute to their children’s education, including discretionary income, support from relatives or other sources, and any student assets.

George School endeavors to award financial aid based on a family’s financial need. However, given the competitiveness of our applicant pool and the constraints of the financial aid budget, we are not always able to offer financial aid to every qualifying family. Students with the strongest academic records and children of Quaker families are given priority in the financial aid process. Students who are non-US citizens may qualify for financial aid, but these funds are very limited. Aid awards for students who are not US citizens cannot exceed half of the tuition. Priority is given to families who apply by the deadlines.

We know that each family has a unique financial picture. If you would like to discuss your specific situation or have questions about deadlines or application materials, please contact:

Michael Toomey
Director of Financial Aid

Cindy Law
Financial Aid Coordinator