Why George School

When you visit George School, the first thing you’ll notice is our campus. Pretty? Not quite. Pretty drop-dead gorgeous is more like it. Towering trees. The broad expanse of South Lawn, practically begging students to do homework outside on a warm day. Buildings century-old and redbrick alongside millennium-new and green. Get the feeling you’re not in Kansas (or Connecticut or Kazakhstan) anymore? You’re in a beautiful pocket of eastern Pennsylvania, easily accessible to New York City, Philadelphia, Princeton, and even the Washington D.C. area.

Inside those buildings, deep, inquiry-based learning takes shape in classes as diverse as the teachers and students who bring them to life. In one room, an animated dissection of Gatsby pulls the book’s character apart line by line.

In another, math students grasp difficult concepts with the help of amusing mnemonics, proving that serious learning and intellectual play go hand-in-hand. Science lab may be spent wading a stream or programming a robot, mixing solutions or finding them.

Whatever the topic, you won’t just learn subject matter. You will learn critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and other skills that will matter your whole life.

Diversity? We embrace it, measuring it in perspectives as well as percentages. Together as one community—boarding and day students, faculty and staff, and parents—we get to know and care for one another deeply. Faculty-student relations are informal, mutually respectful, and treasured.

Our graduates tell us that they were changed by George School. Here they made lifelong friends, prepared for their futures, and discovered themselves and what they could bring to the world. And they had a blast doing it.