George School Connect: Key Features

nearbyReconnecting with Classmates

If you want to reconnect or organize a mini-reunion with the people
in your area, you can use the George School alumni app map
function, “Alumni Nearby,” to see who is in the surrounding area.
Touch one of the GS pins to find a local alum to email, call, or
connect with directly.




George School Connect is also a resource for alumni who are looking
to network professionally or who are job hunting. By connecting your
LinkedIn account to George School Connect, you can expand your
network, furthering your professional endeavors. For example, you
can reach out to classmates who work in finance to ask them for
advice on entering the field or about their experience at a certain


social2News and Social Media

George School Connect makes it simple for alumni to connect with
George School news and events covered in social media including
Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. By clicking on the “News and
Social” tab in the app, you can stay involved and connected with
George School—whether it is viewing pictures from Alumni Weekend
or watching a YouTube video of this year’s commencement


mapVisiting or Moving to a New Area

When visiting or moving to a new city, the “Alumni
Nearby” map feature is a great way to connect with other
alumni. You can reach out to a member of the community to
grab a coffee, get dinner, or learn more about the



updateUpdate Your Information

To update your profile, select “Update this profile” on your profile
page. Type in your request and select “Send.” If you choose to
modify visibility of your information, please fill out the George
School Connect App Opt-Out Form. You can also choose to “Hide my
information” within “Settings.”