Performing Arts

Performing arts at George School—theater, music, film production, and dance—will not only entertain you and your audience, but they will also let you investigate the real world and imagine new ones.

The instructors will be inventive, with lessons that create and inspire. Your dance teacher will lower inhibitions by tumbling on the floor herself. Your theater teacher will encourage you to study the character traits of your classmates. These creative geniuses will have you, in short order, trying on different faces, hitting high notes, and flying through the air. (Perhaps that is more in stage combat than in Orchestra, but you never know!)

Arts classes in the International Baccalaureate Program are more accelerated and world-focused. You will explore writers such as Chekhov or Gesamtkunstwerk and art forms such as African drumming or Balinese gamelan.

And in performing arts—no surprise—you’ll perform. You will sing in the Chorale. Play an instrument in the Orchestra, String Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Lab Band, Jazz Band, or other chamber ensembles. Film a video documentary or dance your own choreography in Walton Auditorium. And do everything in our Musical Theater course—act, sing, design lighting and sets, take curtain calls.