If you’re as passionate about sports as you are about learning, George School is the place to be. We offer teams in twenty boys and girls sports, and many of our students are multi-sport athletes. They are cheered on by the “Cougar Crazies” (sometimes complete with green and white face paint and drums).

And you’ll find our coaches are every bit as passionate about your sport as you are. (Many of our coaches, in fact, have played or coached at the college level.)

If you’ve played ODP soccer, AAU basketball, or USTA tennis since you could walk, they’ll help you fine-tune your game. If you’ve always wanted to try junior varsity football or developmental equestrian, they’ll help you develop basic skills and a love for the sport in no time. If your goal is to be a top-notch high school athlete or play college sports, they’ll get you to the next level of play.

One aspect of George School athletics is crystal clear. All of that personal performance and coaching is done in the service of the team. George School teams win together. Players trust each other, support each other, and play hard for each other. It shows in the lifelong friends they make, the achievements they reach, and the work ethic they take with them to college.