Boys Sports

Boys at George School enjoy the challenges of a wide variety of interscholastic sports. Most teams compete in the Friends Schools League against eight schools including Westtown, our oldest rival, with whom we share a spirited “Moose Point” rivalry for the Patterson Cup. George School varsity, junior varsity, third team, and developmental athletes compete in an atmosphere that emphasizes teamwork, respect for opponents, and passion for the game.

In the fall, the athletic fields are alive with cheers and roars as the football and soccer teams compete. The cross country team hosts a prestigious invitational meet where crowds of students cheer the runners through Red Square and then hustle over to the finish line at the track. The equestrian team goes through its paces in our two riding rings, preparing for weekend competitive adventures.

In the winter, the Fitness and Athletics Center is a hive of activity. Swimmers enjoy meets and endure grueling coed practices in our 25-yard, eight lane pool. Wrestlers do their hard work and participate in meets in the wrestling room. The winter track team braves the weather, forges mental toughness, and runs in a series of meets at neighboring schools. At double-header basketball games on winter weekends, the “Cougar Crazies” cheer on our teams, and the performance gymnasium rocks with noise and enthusiasm.

The spring season provides a welcome return to the outdoors. Baseball and lacrosse create excitement on the athletic fields, while the golf team practices and plays off campus. The equestrian team builds on its fall and winter success, the tennis team fills our courts with the satisfying sounds of well-played matches, and track is in full force.