Fitness & Athletics Center

Fitness and Athletics Center

The 100,000 square-foot brick and glass Fitness and Athletics Center, almost four times the size of the Worth Sports Center building it replaced, is filled with students every day. The design of the building assimilates architectural details from around campus including the west entrance portico to Hallowell Arts Center, metal clad windows, the limestone belt around the buildings, and the selection of red and Coventry bricks.

The design also maximizes natural light, a feature that is immediately evident in the entryway and wide, soaring central corridor. The hallways are lined with windows giving visitors a glimpse into the different facilities that make up the Fitness and Athletics Center and the block walls include bands of texture and color that add a welcome design detail to the space. The terrazzo floor in the central corridor is a historically durable and resilient flooring made of mostly recycled marble, quartz, granite, and other age-old materials.

The building includes:

  • A fully-equipped, 4,200 square-foot fitness center.
  • A high-efficiency, 25-yard, 8-lane pool with buffered areas, a wide deck, and room for 100 seated spectators on the upper level.
  • A 12,634 square-foot performance gymnasium with two full-sized hardwood courts and seating for 400 spectators.
  • A multi-purpose gym with two courts for training and competition.
  • A yoga and movement studio that offers tranquil views of the green roof garden.
  • A wrestling room with two mats for practice and competition.

The facility offers many opportunities for individuals who don’t consider themselves athletes in the traditional sense. The multisport gymnasium hosts a variety of instructional and recreational sports for physical education, fitness classes will be held in the fitness center, yoga in the movement studio, and swimming is available as a physical education class.