Patterson Cup

2016-2017 Patterson Cup Competition

George School – 14
Westtown – 14

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Last Decade:253

Patterson Cup History

One of George School’s most popular traditions is our yearly athletic rivalry against Westtown in our quest to win the Patterson Cup. Each year, every varsity and junior varsity contest between George School and Westtown takes on added significance as we compete for points for the Patterson Cup, affectionately known as “The Moose.”

The Patterson Cup competition began in 1969 when the Patterson family, headed by Dr. Hubert Patterson and his wife Betty, sent two of their children, twins Robert E. and William S. Patterson, class of 1969, to George School. Two of their other children attended Westtown. The twins were outstanding athletes at George School, helping the Cougar teams achieve many victories, including some over Westtown. After watching the twins graduate and realizing the friendly competition that was sparked between the two boarding schools, the family decided to organize an official competition between the schools. Hence, the birth of the Patterson Cup.

The Patterson Cup is awarded at the end of the year to the school that has won the most Varsity and JV competitions. The Patterson Cup stipulated that the award would recognize the importance of both varsity and junior varsity contests between the George School Cougars and Westtown Moose. A point is given to the school for every victory in every sport that the two schools compete in throughout the year.

Story has it that “The Moose,” the Cup’s nickname, got its name early on from the Moosehead at Westtown that was used to help keep score. After each contest, a tea bag was placed on the side of the moose of the victorious school. At the end of the year, the tea bags were tallied and the school with the most tea bags was the holder of the Patterson Cup for the next school year.

Results by Year:

2017 Tie
2016 George School
2015 Westtown School
2014 Westtown School
2013 Tie
2012 George School
2011 Westtown School
2010 Westtown School

2009 Tie
2008 Westtown School
2007 George School
2006 George School
2005 George School
2004 Westtown School
2003 George School
2002 George School
2001 George School
2000 George School

1999 George School
1998 George School
1997 George School
1996 Westtown School
1995 George School
1994 George School
1993 George School
1992 George School
1991 George School
1990 Westtown School

1989 George School
1988 George School
1987 George School
1986 Westtown School
1985 Tie
1984 George School
1983 Westtown School
1982 Westtown School
1981 George School
1980 George School

1979 George School
1978 Westtown School
1977 Westtown School
1976 Westtown School
1975 Westtown School
1974 Westtown School
1973 Westtown School
1972 Westtown School
1971 Westtown School
1970 George School
1969 Westtown School