Athletics is an integral part of the George School experience. Participating in a team sport provides an arena for students to develop confidence, teamwork, sportsmanship, motivation, respect, pride, integrity, and discipline. Moreover, our athletes learn a strong sense of commitment and dedication that is evident on and off the playing field.

Experienced competitors and newcomers alike are challenged at the appropriate level while fulfilling our sport and physical education requirement. We offer varsity, junior varsity, freshman, third team, and developmental teams in a wide range of sports. Our experienced coaches work closely with the student-athletes to help each individual and team reach their potential. Many of our student-athletes choose to continue their athletic endeavors at the collegiate level.

We believe daily physical activity is essential for a healthy life. When not members of athletic teams, students participate in a wide selection of physical education classes including aerobics, badminton, Frisbee, gardening, personal fitness, weight training, and yoga. Equestrian PE is offered in the winter term for an additional fee.