Clubs & Organizations

GSers have a lot in common: they’re diverse, lively, academic, and sometimes a little off the wall. So it’s no surprise they’ve created a lot of the clubs and organizations here.

For example, you can work on your Kofi Annan impersonation in Model UN or do your best Gerard Depardieu in the French Club. Then you could grab opportunities to straighten out the environment or explore African traditions and culture. You can get sticky with root beer float fund-raisers or “stocky” with the Investing Club. (Ouch! Is there a bad pun club?)

In these, you’ll challenge yourself with more weighty responsibilities. Student Council and TERRA facilitate making the school itself a better place. Younger and newer students who need help can find open ears and strong shoulders among the dorm prefects. And SAGE (Students Associated for Greater Empathy), the student-run peer counseling organization, is specifically trained to listen, give support and make referrals to students with more serious problems. (Notwithstanding its meeting room with the permanent Twister board on the floor!)