Student Clubs & Interest Groups

Students are encouraged to start their own interest groups and to get involved in campus organizations and committees that influence the quality of life at George School. The following list of groups might change from year to year, according to students’ interests. Groups usually meet one night a week from 6:30 to 7:20 p.m., or on the weekend.

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arrow_smallGoldfish ’n Java
arrow_smallJunior State of America (JSA)
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arrow_smallModel United Nations (MUN)
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arrow_smallPacific Rim Organization (PRO)
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This group publishes a literary magazine each year, which promotes the fields of literature and the arts within the community.

Art for Relief
This club organizes a night of art events to raise money for charitable organizations. The annual event features local artists as well as student and faculty work, and includes a silent art auction and performance.

Business and Investing Club
This is a student club organized to learn about investing in stocks and other investments. It meets on a regular basis, inviting investment professionals to lecture in areas of investments, and participates in a stock market game.

Chinese Club
This group shares eastern and Chinese culture through activities that promote community awareness of Chinese philosophy, geography, history, arts, and current events.

Clay Club
Once a week, the ceramics studio is open from 6:00 to 7:20 p.m. for any student who wants to learn and work with clay.

Cooking Club
This club is available for students who enjoy cooking or want to learn how to cook. The group makes a variety of dishes so that students gain practice with a range of cooking techniques.

French Club
The French Club provides students with an informal opportunity to speak French and to learn about French culture.

Goldfish ’n Java
This group displays the performance talents of students and various guests in a variety of live music performances each year, ranging from intimate coffeehouse settings to outdoor concerts.

This is a group of people who explore the Jewish culture in order to promote community awareness of Jewish religion, history, arts, and current events.

Junior State of America (JSA)
JSA is a national, student-run organization that sponsors model U.S. Congress sessions and debates on current events. Our members meet weekly and attend several local and regional debates and conventions each year.

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)
LASO provides support for students of Hispanic descent and gives all students the opportunity to explore the rich culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

This club serves as a place for students to discuss and ask questions about God, Christianity, and their faith.

Model United Nations (MUN)
MUN is open to students interested in the United Nations and the global community. MUN members attend simulated UN conferences at universities where research, debate, and speaking skills are used.

Open Doors
Open Doors is a group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered students, and their straight allies. Open Doors supports students and their families while raising awareness of relevant issues within the school community.

Pacific Rim Organization (PRO)
PRO is a group of George School students who meet to discuss the interaction of people living on continents on either side of the Pacific Ocean.

Painting & Drawing Club
This group gathers to work on art and to critique various pieces of artwork.

R&B Step Team
This is a step/dance group that rehearses regularly in preparation for an annual show. Step—a form of dance that uses the body, hands, feet, and chants to create a powerful rhythmic sound—originated in South African coal mines.

Reading Olympics
George School participates with the Bucks County Reading Olympics, a program that inspires students to read from a list of forty-five books and then participate in a friendly competition that challenges the team to correctly answer questions about the books.

This group promotes the understanding of South Asian culture.

The George School Chapter of the Sierra Student Coalition seeks to educate the greater community about environmental issues and to implement solutions through direct and indirect action.

This group educates the George School community about the culture, heritage, and present day ethnicity of the descendants of Africa. These descendants also include those from the continent of Africa, the Caribbean, and the Latin American Diaspora.

Women’s Issues Now (WIN)
WIN is a group of both sexes that was formed to educate members of the George School community on women’s issues so they leave George School knowing more about the realities of being a woman than they did when they arrived on campus.

Young Friends
This group works to improve the community of George School by offering spiritual support to members and developing activities to further George School as a Quaker community.