Residential Life

George School dorm life is easy but hard. Fun but work. You have hi-jinks and pillow fights then you study trig and speak Latin. You might make up a crazy game, like pretending the floor is lava, and then go ponder the universe. (“What is truth? What is knowledge?”) You don’t get to watch T.V. (“What is death?”) so it makes you discover other things. (“What is life!”)

And while you cannonball into your own “kid-ness,” you’ll swim a few laps with the grown-ups. Two-thirds of your teachers live right on campus. As you make friends with these adults, you’ll feel nurtured, protected, and mature all at the same time.

Given all these contradictions, maybe it’s not surprising that we let day students sleep over in the dorms (with permission) and boarding students stay a night or two at day students’ houses (with permission).

Each of our dorms has a personality all its own. For the girls, there’s Westwood, where art classes were held once upon a time, Main, one of the oldest school buildings and, as the name suggests, still the campus HQ, and Brown House, where eight girls learn to live (almost) independently. For boys, there’s Campbell, farthest from the center of campus (but closest to a quick burger and fries), Orton, expanded a couple of times but still old and cool, and turn-of-century Drayton, which is right by the campus clock.