Dana Falsetti ’11 Debunks Yoga Body Myths

Dana Falsetti '11 teaches yoga and explains, "there is no such thing as a 'yoga body.'" (Photo courtesy of Dana Falsetti '11)

Dana Falsetti ’11 has grown her Instagram community of nearly 43,000 followers by debunking the myths about body ideals usually associated with yoga.

“In the yoga world, some might say my size as a teacher and student is taboo, but I strive to show others there is no such thing as a ‘yoga body.’ It’s really such a silly concept when you think about it, being that yoga is a spiritual and truly internal practice with external manifestations,” said Dana.

“The fact that Dana and others are openly sharing their journeys on social media, and can empathize with the challenges, stigmas, and negative feelings those with body image issues face has led to the exponential growth of an online community of love and acceptance,” reported Jessica Mathews of SHAPE Magazine.

“From breaking down beginner inversions to teaching backbends for all ability levels, these instructors are taking their body positive message off-line and into the real world, creating another powerful way for them to spread their message of body acceptance,” continued Jessica.

“Early on I thought my body would limit my practice, but eventually I learned that only my mind sets limits,” said Dana. Read more.