Green Initiative Contest Winners Announced

The 2016-2017 Green Initiative Contest Winners—Kevin Zhou ’20, Jennifer Chang ’19, Josh Hoffman ’17, Sidney Walters ’19, Alex Harris ’17, Roman Gavrila ’18, Addie Gerszberg ’18, Peter Delaney ’18, Merton Li ’19, and Max Brenner ’18—posed for a photo. Not pictured: Julie Chen ’18, Jacob Hoopes ’19, Isaac Lee ’19, and Jason Zou ’19. (Photo by Alyson Cittadino)

On behalf of the George School Board of Trustees, the Environmental Stewardship Oversight Committee (ESOC) is delighted to announce the winners of this year’s Green Initiative Contest.

In total, fifty-two students entered the contest and submitted twenty-seven proposals. “We are particularly pleased by the enthusiastic turnout and see this as a sign of growing environmental interest at George School,” said ESOC member Marion Wells.

The entries were narrowed down to eight finalists based on originality, feasibility, and likely impact. The students then presented the proposals to a panel of judges and were evaluated for content, presentation skills, and engagement. This year, the panel decided to award all eight finalists’ proposals.

Moreover, each finalist team demonstrated at least two of the following: innovation, creativity, passion, preparedness, and thorough research. To highlight these unique combinations, three categories of awards were created: Best Overall Proposal and Presentation, Best Visual Impact, and the Simple Solution Award.

The 2016—2017 Green Initiative Contest Winners Are:


  • Jennifer Chang ’19 and Sidney Walters ’19 Power From the Foot
  • Julie Chen ’18, Addie Gerszberg ’18, and Merton Li ’19 Home Biogas System
  • Max Brenner ’18, Peter Delaney ’18, and Roman Gavrila ’18 Install Low Flow Aerators in Drayton Sinks


  • Julie Chen ’18 Infographic Posters
  • Isaac Lee ’19 and Kevin Zhou ’20 Replace Outdoor Shoebox Lighting with LED’s


  • Alex Harris ’17 Plant Trees on South Side of Spruance Alden
  • Josh Hoffman ’17 Change Bin Sequence—Dining Room Trash Area
  • Jacob Hoopes ’19 and Jason Zou ’19 Orton Green Upgrade (Faucet Aerators, LED Hallway Lights, and Showerheads)

Winners will have their proposals implemented by the school and receive an American Express gift card.