Student Banking Services

George School provides a variety of services for students to simplify their on-campus purchases at the bookstore and snack bar (Bettye’s Place), for off-campus activities such as movies and shopping, for travel to and from home, or for weekend activities. We encourage students to minimize the amount of cash they carry with them or keep in their dorm rooms.

Charge accounts are available to all students at the George School Bookstore and Bettye’s Place. Students may use their student identification cards to charge purchases of books, supplies, clothing, snacks, and incidentals on campus. These charges will be included on their regular monthly George School statement. Parents may also establish a student debit account for purchases of discretionary items such as snacks and drinks. These charges will be deducted directly from the student’s debit account. Student debit accounts can be funded in a variety of ways and with an amount of the parent’s choosing through George School’s Student Debit Account System on our convenient and secure online portal at

Cash withdrawals are available for students with a debit account. Students may withdraw cash using their student identification cards at the Student Bank up to $100.00 per day with a $300.00 weekly maximum. Students will be able to withdraw larger dollar amounts for special circumstances such as traveling home during a break period. The Student Bank is located in the Business Office and is open Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. When the Student Bank in the Business Office is closed (evenings and weekends), students can make cash withdrawals in the Deans’ Office.