International Student Information

At George School, we are rich in cultural diversity, and our international student program contributes to this diversity. We have students from more than thirty countries who enjoy the rigorous academics, competitive athletics, and the transformative Quaker community that George School provides. Here is some helpful information for international students and their families:

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We want our international students to feel at home and to take full advantage of the opportunities to learn and grow as individuals. That is why our international student program has built-in features to help them make the most of their time here.

We have a team of friendly, knowledgeable adult sponsors and student mentors who are always ready to help. We offer an International Student Orientation (ISO) just before the start of classes to help students get ready for their studies, make new friends, and feel comfortable on campus. We help other members of the George School community get to know more about them and their country’s culture by sponsoring an International Student Assembly.