Volunteer Opportunities 2017-18

Visit the Parents Association section of the parent portal to sign up as a volunteer, view the committees you signed up for already, and for a complete list of Parents Association committee members and their contact information.

Volunteering time to support the students and staff of George School is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other parents and the larger community! Opportunities abound and are broad-ranged, running the gamut from organizing the Opening Days activities to providing baked goods for student events. There are great options for any parent’s schedule.

Ad-Hoc and Budget Committee members meet in late April to allocate funds to teacher requests and prepare the Parents Association budget for the upcoming school year.

Admission Ambassadors work in conjunction with the Admission Office helping prospective families learn more about George School during the admission process. They follow up with families by phone or email after a campus visit and help at Admission campus events, gatherings, and fairs. Events take place throughout the school year.

Book Buy Day volunteers help on the first day of classes when students pick up their books and other needed items at a designated time in Marshall Center. Monday, September 4, 2017.

Career Workshop Committee members recruit speakers from various professional backgrounds to make presentations to small groups of students for the annual Career Day Workshops in December as well as support career education throughout the school year. Career Workshops will take place on Monday, December 11, 2017.

Clerical Assistance volunteers assist with mailings and other clerical tasks in the Advancement Office throughout the year on an as needed basis. This is a good fit for those who can be available during the day.

The Commencement Flowers Committee creates the floral arrangements for Commencement Meeting for Worship which will be held on Saturday, May 26, 2018.

The Cookie Drop Committee. At the end of each academic term, volunteers make three to four dozen homemade cookies for distribution to all students during exams.

Faculty and Staff Appreciation Luncheon Committee members plan and oversee the event, encouraging all parents to contribute their favorite dishes and/or donate funds for the luncheon on Friday, March 9, 2018.

The Fathers Committee was created to explore and provide opportunities for fathers to get involved in school activities and issues that impact our children as well as to build community and actively engage in the school.

George School Fund Parent Committee works with the Advancement Office to help secure financial support from fellow parents for the Annual Fund. George School seeks the participation of all current families at a level that is meaningful for their personal circumstance. Volunteers meet a few times per year, participate in parent phonathons in the fall and spring, and occasionally staff information tables at George School events.

Halloween/Valentine’s Day Candy. Volunteers gather to bag candy for delivery to campus mailboxes twice per year. Bagging is usually done on a weekday morning for an hour or two. (October and February)

Hosting International Students during school breaks if students cannot travel home or are unable to make other accommodations is a great help to the school. Parents can volunteer to host for part or all of a school break.

International Parent Reception Committee members attend an afternoon reception in late August for new international families to help welcome them to the George School community. Monday, August 27, 2018.

Opening Days Committee. Returning parents and students greet, direct, and assist new parents and students as they register during Saturday of Opening Days. Some support is needed a few days before Opening Days. Main opening day event is Saturday of opening weekend, with some additional minor support needed on Sunday for greeting returning students and families to campus. Saturday, September 1, 2018.

Parent Mentors contact parents new to George School in the early fall to welcome them into the community and answer questions that may have arisen during the first few weeks of school.

Student Health and Wellness Center needs parents to drive boarding students to routine doctor appointments during the day, deliver soup, cards, etc. to students who are in the infirmary for a couple of days.

The Winter Formal Snack Committee organizes volunteer donations of healthy snacks and baked goods for the winter formal dance on December 16, 2017.

Some on campus volunteer jobs may require a background check. The Parents Association Executive Committee will alert you if this is required of your position.