Ali Sacchi ’14

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“What makes George School special is that everybody is different and accepting, so you can be yourself. Your views and ideas evolve because you are given the resources and space to cultivate them.”

Describe an interesting class.

My most interesting class was biology with Minnie Lee. I loved it because we learned a variety of topics in a variety of ways. To study for term exams, we played games like Jeopardy and Taboo.

Minnie has a way of making every class engaging, showing her passion for biology and her commitment to our education.

More about Ali:

Ali was an IB diploma candidate who also took AP English. She was on the varsity soccer, swimming, and lacrosse teams, which, she says, all taught her something different about herself. A peer group leader, Ali was also involved in Model UN and Art for Relief.