Ashley Garrett ’76 and Alan Jones

“We want students to have access to a great athletic facility as well as a great academic program.”

What did you love about George School?

I loved everything about the school, the whole experience: my classes, my sports, my friends, the theater crowd. While I was there, the 1812 Meetinghouse was moved from Philadelphia and rebuilt on campus. It made such a difference. It was so lovely to have meeting there twice a week. It was peaceful, soothing, energizing. It was a great way for the whole school to be together, to stop, to listen, and to think.

If I had to choose what I liked best about George School, it would be my teachers. They were amazing. They didn’t just care about the academics; they cared about us as individuals. As a boarder, I really appreciated the support I received from those teachers.

Over the years, you’ve given both time and money to George School. Now you’re contributing to the Fitness and Athletics Center. Why?

I started giving to George School right after I graduated from college. My husband, Alan Jones, and I believe strongly in education. The majority of our charitable contributions are given to the schools we attended and to other educational institutions. While AJ isn’t a Quaker, he knows that I am who I am because of my background, so he loves the schools I attended. My family believed in Quaker education, and Buckingham Friends and George School are my favorite schools. Their core qualities—consensus, respect, fairness, and cooperation—you cannot get anywhere else.

I served on the Resources Committee at George School for close to ten years. It was great to work with the head of school, alums, and parents to provide guidance and raise funds. We worked on faculty salaries, faculty housing, and the new library. George School just keeps getting better.

After donating to the library, AJ and I are now contributing to the Fitness and Athletics Center’s Movement Studio to honor my coach, the phenomenal Anne LeDuc. We want students to have access to a great athletic facility as well as a great academic program.

More about Ashley:

Growing up Quaker in Ringoes, New Jersey, Ashley was first a day student and then a boarder. She majored in theater at Smith College and returned to George School to teach theater and to coach before heading to New York City, still her home today. After a detour to Harvard Business School, where she met AJ, she worked for Chemical Bank and MasterCard, started her own voice-over business, and had two daughters, Megan and Caitlin. A firm believer in the power of service, she also managed a soup kitchen for nineteen years. Lately, she has reinvented herself again, this time as a freelance photographer.