David and Minnie Lee

George School Fund Donors*
“We know that our contribution is making some kind of difference. It’s part of a bigger picture.”

How do you feel about teaching and living at George School? How has your life changed?

Minnie: I feel very fortunate to have been teaching for ten years amongst colleagues who are intelligent and passionate, and it brings me joy to see our students grow into confident, self-aware, and engaged thinkers. Our motto of “Mind the Light” is central to my teaching. Students can sometimes underestimate their abilities in science, but with some gentle pushing, encouragement, and zaniness in the classroom, they find confidence in themselves. Helping my students broaden their perspective is extremely rewarding.

David: It is fulfilling to be able to work with many different individuals across all departments at George School. I value the support and eldering offered by the community as a whole. Being part of this community has changed the way we both think and live our lives.

What do students gain from attending George School?

Minnie: It is rare for a student to graduate unnoticed at George School. In addition to a quality education, our students get individualized attention. Students make connections and engage with adults in various settings—in the classroom, on the fields, and through their co-op experience. The students at George School understand the value of a strong community; they take important issues to heart and try to take action.

Why do you give to George School?

Minnie: What we donate isn’t substantial, but we know that our contribution is part of a bigger picture. It could be going towards financial aid, programming for athletics or residential life, or increasing diversity at George School. By giving, we feel that we’re helping to carry out the mission.

David: We believe it’s important to be invested. Giving financially is one of the ways we like to contribute. We love it here. We love raising our family here. This is one way we give back to a community that has supported us in many ways.

More about Minnie and David:

Minnie and David met at church when they were in eighth grade. Minnie started working at George School first, teaching chemistry and biology. They married two years later and until this year lived in East Main and West Main, where the girls doted on the Lees’ two young sons, Benjamin, 6, and Joshua, 4. David works in the school’s Information Technology Services Department.

* As consistent donors to the George School Fund, David and Minnie are members of the school’s Sticky Bun Society, which honors those who “stick” with George School and is named for the sweet breakfast treat that is a traditional student favorite.