Emma Sun ’15

Cornell University
“My first English class really overwhelmed me. But my teacher, Terry Culleton, believed in me and was always there to help. It gave me strength. I could not be who I am without him.”

Did an event affect you in an unexpected way?

I was surprised by outdoor meeting for worship. It’s so different from indoor meeting, when we reflect in the meetinghouse. Outdoor meeting for worship happens once a year, to welcome spring.

Before outdoor meeting this year, I was feeling a lack of motivation. When meeting began, I lay down on the grass, and the sunshine went through my body. I realized that I didn’t remember when I had last looked at the sky. I had been so busy with my schoolwork that I didn’t take time to relax. It had been too long since I had been in touch with the earth.

I found out why I had a lack of motivation. It was time to take a deep breath. So the next week, I went down to the George School tree with my friends and spent time appreciating life.

More about Emma:

Emma has tried her hand at several arts, including theater, photography, and ceramics. She also took part in JSA (debate club).