Holdyn Barder ’17

Lafayette College
“George School gave me an opportunity to balance my rigorous academic half with my imaginative, creative half.”

What was your favorite activity outside the classroom?

Besides academics, there were so many things to do that it would be impossible to count them, from working out in the gym to jamming out on your six-string with your friends on South Lawn. My favorites were playing tennis with my teammates, playing in our Ping-Pong tournaments, and playing music upstairs in Marshall Center.

There were also a ton of clubs and you can invent your own. Just know that there is always something going on at George School in which you can participate.

What was your service trip experience like?

I had the privilege to travel to Cuba with my friends and three faculty members. I will never forget my time there and the incredible, loving people that I met. It was an amazing opportunity to see what Cuba is like before it changes. I learned to appreciate everything in life, even the small moments.

More about Holdyn:

A frequent performer, Holdyn has appeared at Live Music Weekend and open mic nights. (He plays the guitar and violin and sings.) He has also acted in many main-stage and green room productions, including Pride and Prejudice, 12 Angry Jurors, Lysistrata, and The Frogs. On top of that, he has been an Academic Summer Program counselor, student ambassador, day student prefect, and Model UN director of operations.