Kenny King ’97

Fit for the Future Donor*
“George School helped change my life. If the school feels something is important and makes a commitment to do something, I’ll always want to help out.”

What did you learn at George School that you still find useful today?

Don’t judge people by their appearance. Have an open mind. That has helped me be successful. I also gained an appreciation for silence in meeting for worship. Moments of silence still give me clarity. They help me slow down and see things differently. In addition, George School gave me a huge amount of confidence and taught me to think in a more critical manner. It wasn’t easy academically. In fact, it was great to be pushed to a higher level. You realized that you could face a tough challenge and if you worked hard, you could succeed. It’s similar in your career. You know if you push yourself a little harder, you can expand your mind and do something great.

What do you value most about George School?

What’s special about George School is the people. I always felt I had two advisors—my real advisor, Pippa Porter Rex, and my unofficial advisor, Dave Satterthwaite ’65. I could ask him about anything. Whatever Dave needed, I would help out. We became really close. I think that’s true of a lot of the faculty. They weren’t your parents, but they cared about you. Dave really looked after me. He’d give the tough message a parent would give but was also really supportive.

Why did you give to the fitness and athletics initiative—for sports or for George School as a whole?

Both. I’m not the best athlete, but I enjoy sports and spent a lot of my time around the Athletic Department. Schools need to update their facilities periodically to keep up. The track interests me the most, because I ran track, but the whole project is a great idea. More generally, George School helped change my life. I’ve been fortunate, and I’ve given to other initiatives. If the school feels something is important, I’ll always want to help out.

More about Kenny:

An Oliver Scholar from Staten Island, New York, Kenny went to Tulane University before launching a career in hedge funds. After three years in London, Kenny returned to New York City, where he manages a team at JP Morgan. He lives in Rumson, New Jersey, with wife Nora and baby daughter Clara and enjoys golf and reading.

* Kenny believes that the new fitness and athletics facilities will benefit the entire George School community.