Lisa Delgado P ’15

Parent Donor and Volunteer
“Volunteering has been an amazing experience for me personally.… Giving is a great way to feel connected to the community.”

What does your family value most about George School?

The quality of education and the small class size are at the top of the list. Also, the sense of community that is ever-present. Our neighborhood in Northeast Philly is lovely and has much diversity; however, our neighbors very much keep to themselves. I’ve never met some of the people who live only a few doors away. I believe that living at George School will help Anthony be a better neighbor one day. That, in and of itself, is invaluable.

Why have you chosen to be an active volunteer for the school?

George School has been very generous to our family. An education of this caliber would have been out of reach for us had it not been for the financial support we have received, and we are eager to give back. However, it’s not just quid pro quo. Volunteering has been an amazing experience for me personally. If I’m totally honest, I volunteer for some slightly selfish reasons. First, there’s the beauty of the campus. Every season has something more beautiful to offer than the one before it. I’m not a big fan of winter, but even frost is beautiful here. Then there are the kids; they look you in the eye and say hello, and if they know you well enough, you may even get a hug! Then there’s the staff, who ask you how you’re doing and then stop to hear your answer. Finally, there are the other parents. I’ve forged lasting friendships, heard amazing stories, and learned interesting things from parents I’ve met while volunteering. Baking a cookie, arranging flowers, or bagging candy seems a small price to pay for such an enriching experience.

You and your husband Juan give to the George School Fund and encourage your son Anthony to give. Why is that important?

Juan and I decided early on that giving to the George School Fund was a priority. We see the benefits all around campus, from the amazing new athletic center to the vans that take students off-campus to extra materials for the 3D printer in robotics. Special things that add to the George School experience are supplemented with contributions from the George School Fund.

Giving is a great way to feel connected to the community. We encourage Anthony to give as a way of saying “thanks” to George School for believing in him and supporting his growth intellectually, physically, and spiritually. It isn’t the amount of the donation that is most important, but the commitment of continued support. We plan on giving for years after graduation and will encourage Anthony to do the same.

More about Lisa:

Philadelphia native, Lisa runs a small specialty-foods import company with her father. She met Juan, a carpenter, in Malaga, Spain, and describes their dual-language family, which includes older son Nico as well as Anthony, as “floundering between Spanish and English often.” Family interests include soccer, guitar, and a love of food.