Natasja Lessiohadi ’15

Vanderbilt University
“When I first visited George School, everyone kept saying that the people here were extremely friendly, which I dismissed as propaganda. I was surprised to learn that George School actually is a very friendly and accepting place, just as advertised.”

What has been your most interesting class?

Colette Weber’s Advanced Sophomore English class was definitely interesting. Colette encouraged us to become the best readers and writers that we could possibly be by challenging us (sometimes in ridiculous ways), and I am eternally grateful for her moxie, sense of humor, and vivacious teaching style.

I have never been pushed to perfect my writing as much as I was pushed during her class. Colette always believed that we were capable of better than our best work, as reflected by her refusal to give a 100 percent on anything short of brilliant. I loved our daily discussions, which ranged from obscure German poets to reality television to life in general. She had us memorize monologues, recite sonnets, read between the lines, and write until it felt like our hands and wrists suffered permanent muscle damage.

There are English teachers, and there is Colette Weber.

More about Natasja:

An IB diploma candidate, Natasja played three seasons of varsity sports: cross-country, swimming, and spring track. She was the director general of the Model United Nations club and was involved in the Body Project, which fosters discussions about body image.