Tom Hoopes ’83

Head of Religions Department, Dorm Head (Orton), Coach Joined George School in 2008
“Our mission is to help young women and men come into the fullness of their human potential, and to protect them and challenge them along the way. It seems to be working!”

How would you describe your teaching style? 

Students often describe my teaching as “enthusiastic.” I guess that’s accurate. I do approach my teaching with enthusiasm. I also approach it with a sober intensity. 

I regard teaching as sacred work. My goal is to create a learning environment and experience in which students practice taking themselves and one another seriously, and playfully. My role is to expose them to wisdom traditions in a way that is respectful, critical, and curious. 

I want students to come away from my courses thinking to themselves, “That was fun. Religion is cool.” I want them to find real, applicable wisdom in their study of religion and spirituality. 

George School is a learning community in which truth-seeking can occur with equal passion and equal integrity in all disciplines—the sciences, the humanities, the arts, and religion. I want my classroom to be an arena in which students ask demanding, challenging questions, and in which they find personally relevant answers about how to live a meaningful life. 

More about Tom: 

Tom received a BA from Yale and an EdM from the University of Washington. He is a Dorm Head (Orton) and the head coach of junior varsity boys’ lacrosse.