Wang Ji and Wei Na P ’04

Alumni Parent Donors*
“We want to continue our relationship with the school. We feel we are a member of the family.”

How did George School benefit your late daughter, Wei Wei?

I [Ji] came to the USA in 1993, while my wife Na and our daughter Wei Wei came in 1995. Wei Wei did not speak any English when she came, and she was very frustrated for the first few years. Thanks to George School, she felt at home, got an excellent education, and was accepted by Carnegie Mellon, there she pursued two majors until the second year, when she left us.

Are there particular aspects about the school that you value?

We appreciate that George School gave Wei Wei the best education. Beside the academic aspect, it taught human values: simplicity, sympathy, and a desire to contribute. Wei Wei dreamed of helping poor kids to go to school, and we are all very proud of her. We appreciate the efforts of all the teachers at George School. Because each student has a teacher to consult and work with—someone to answer them—it made it possible for Wei Wei to go from knowing no English to being accepted by one of the best colleges.

Why do you continue to contribute to George School?

We wish that our contribution will help more students and teachers, so more kids like Wei Wei can be successful. Also, we want to continue our relationship with the school. We feel we are a member of the family.

More about Wang Ji and Wei Na:

Wang Ji and Wei Na live in Woodbury, New York, on Long Island’s North Shore. Ji runs Pem America Inc., a home textiles import and wholesale company. Na takes care of their two young daughters, Willa and Wynne. They hope that one or both will attend George School and learn more about their elder sister. The Wangs set up a fund under Wei Wei’s name to do what she had dreamed of doing. In the last eight years, they have sponsored twenty-eight Wei Wei New Hope Schools in poor areas of China (affecting more than 10,000 students) and have sponsored an average of eight Chinese college students each year.

* The Wangs understand that the George School their daughter—and they—enjoyed was made possible by the generosity of parents and alumni of the past. They want to make the same difference for students of the future.