Akobuije Chijioke ’92

Akobuije Chijioke ’92 still ponders a question asked by his IB Theory of Knowledge teacher at George School.

Alice Ke ’19

Of all the special weekends at George School each year, one is the most special for Alice Ke.

Amedeo Salamoni

Ceramics teacher Amedeo Salamoni finds joy in molding his students as well as clay.

Aneeka Rahman ’96

Aneeka Rahman ’96 can still recall wise words spoken to her by a George School teacher.

Anna Picciano ’17

Anna Picciano ’17 is able to deftly apply the skills she learned in George School’s English classes to college.

Annie Borovskiy ’20

Three-sport athlete Annie Borovskiy develops friendships and fitness at George School.

AriAnna Thomas ’19

What AriAnna Thomas gets out of woodworking takes many forms: knowledge, passion, confidence, and a beautiful coffee table.