Service Learning Projects

Service learning projects fulfill your off-campus service graduation requirement and give you an excuse to get your hands dirty. (Maybe literally, if you’re helping build a community garden!)

What do you want to do? Play foosball with physically challenged kids? Read Jane Austen to the elderly? Work with communities affected by AIDS in South Africa? Whatever it is, you’ll find that working with the disempowered is energizing and life changing. Indeed, you may find that simple things, like friendship, are the most powerful.

You can design a service learning project yourself, using your own creativity and resourcefulness, or you can work on one that George School has organized. If you’re ready to explore what’s possible, pop in and see the coordinator of community service for suggestions or to bounce ideas around. We encourage students to do service at any time, but the formal graduation requirement project can begin any time after the completion of sophomore year.

If an independent service project is your avenue of choice, make sure you get your independent project pre-approved by the Religions Department and submit it at least three weeks before you want to start (or no later than mid-May for summer projects.)

And whether this is your first service experience or your umpteenth, whether you’re looking forward to this or are a bit daunted, you can be sure it will be like everything else at George School: challenging, interesting, and inspiring.

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