Service Learning Trips

Our service learning trips are where the idea of service really gets ratcheted up a notch. Yes, you’re still going out to lend a hand to folks, but you’re getting on a plane to do it.

With some trips, you work here in the States. We’ve rebuilt homes in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, taught kids on a Navajo Reservation in Arizona, and cleared trails in the park through Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia.

On international trips, you’re definitely not in Kansas (or Pennsylvania) anymore. Students have worked in AIDS clinics in South Africa, renovated churches in Cuba, and created art with hearing-impaired kids in India. (And then sold the art here at home to buy them hearing aids!)

Some of the trips are sponsored by the Language Department and have a language proficiency requirement. For example, you can go to Managua, Nicaragua to work as a teacher’s assistant in our sister school. Yes, it’s as interesting as it sounds but you’ll have to bone up on Spanish first.

All of the trips are led by faculty and happen during spring and summer breaks. Wherever you go, there’s a lot of hard work as well as some time to sightsee and absorb the local culture. In many cases, you’ll live with local families during your stay.

So, want to see more? Take a peek at photo albums of past trips and start thinking about the challenging, eye-opening, and amazing trips in your future.

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