Loyalty Challenge

Every donation—of any amount—counts in this classic contest against archrival Westtown School! Help George School win this year by making your gift to the George School Fund.

The Loyalty Challenge is an annual competition between George School and Westtown School sponsored by Paul Machemer, GS ’65 and his wife Pam Rea Machemer, Westtown ’64 to see which school’s young alumni are the most loyal.


The school earning the highest participation rate among young alumni donors is awarded the Machemer Cup. In this contest, dollar amounts really don’t matter—it’s whether or not you play. Even $10 can help George School defeat Westtown.

The past twenty graduating classes, plus current seniors, compete head-to-head for Loyalty Points. Points are awarded to the school with the greater percentage of donors for each class, for a total of twenty-one Loyalty Points possible. The winner is determined at the end of each fiscal year.

So let’s go Cougars! Beat Westtown by making your George School Fund gift today!

Loyalty Challenge Annual Results

2006-07George School wins20-1-0
2007-08Westtown wins 11-10-0
2008-09George School wins 13-5-3
2009-10Westtown wins13-7-1
2010-11Westtown wins16-4-1
2011-12Westtown wins16-5-0
2012-13Westtown wins 16-5-0
2013-14Westtown wins18-1-2
2014-15 George School wins11-10-0
2015-16George School wins11-9-1

Paul Machemer and Pam Rea Machemer