Reasons to Give

There are as many reasons to give to George School as there are donors.

reasons-to-give-garrett“I want students to have access to a great athletic facility as well as a great academic program.”

Ashley Garrett ’76


reasons-to-give-jacobs“I want to help give that experience to other students who might need financial aid to attend.”

– Myra Jacobs ’11


reasons-to-give-king“If the school feels something is important and makes a commitment to do something, I’ll always want to help out.”

– Kenny King ’97


reasons-to-give-laybourne“Our kids wanted to establish a lasting scholarship so that others can always benefit from a George School education.”

– Kit and Gerry Laybourne P ’89, ’93


reasons-to-give-sutton“I give to maintain the unique academic and social life at George School, not to preserve the old lifestyle.”

– Don Sutton ’39


reasons-to-give-wang“We want to continue our relationship with the school. We feel we are a member of the family.”

– Wang Ji and Wei Na P ’04