Yale, Cornell, and NYU Among Colleges Selected by the Class of 2017

Members of the class of 2017 show off their school selections in our annual College Gear day. (Photo by Susan Quinn)

As the class of 2017 departs George School, most are heading to colleges and universities across the country and beyond. Our cohort of 129 students will attend 87 colleges and universities around the country and the globe. They will attend nearby institutions (Swarthmore College), places to the east of us (Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland), places to the west of us (British Columbia, Canada) and places to the north of us (Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, USA). The college choices of our students are as diverse as they are.

Selections by the class of 2017 also include Yale, The University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Tufts University, Boston University, George Washington University, New York University, and Northwestern University in the United States and Amsterdam University College abroad.

The College Counseling office hosted representatives from over two-hundred colleges and universities this fall, giving seniors many opportunities to learn more about his or her ideal school. In addition, during the first two weeks of September each senior had an individual meeting with his or her counselor to discuss the application process. College Counseling also hosted a seminar titled “The Application Process, the Trends and What to Expect” in the fall to share insight with parents and students about the college application process.

You can view College Gear photos here.