It’s in the George School classroom where you fall in love with learning. And we define “classroom” pretty broadly. You might be sitting at or on a desk soaking up Faulkner or debating DeMoivre’s theorem in precalc. You might be on a service trip in Vietnam or you might be studying the ecosystem of a stream—in a stream. (Note to self: wear waders to class!) You might be on a stage, in a darkroom, or at the Philadelphia Furniture Show.

But no matter where or what our “classroom” might be, George School courses introduce you to complex numbers and thinking, expression and aesthetics, problems and solutions in a compelling way.

Graduation Requirements

Students must successfully complete 18 credits each year they are at George School.

A student finishing a year with fewer than 18 credits will need to make up the credits at a future time, usually by enrolling in a summer course at another institution. In addition, a student who fails a course must make up the failed credits at a future time, even if the student completed 18 credits successfully in that year or earned more than 18 credits in a previous year.