Weekly Schedule 2021-2022

The new weekly schedule at George School features fewer and longer (75-minute) daily class periods with ample time to recenter and transition between each one. The new schedule is based on extensive research on what’s best for adolescent learning and well-being. Each class period is called an arrangement and there are four arrangements per day.

For 2021-2022, arrangements are numbered 1 through 8, with one day for odd-numbered arrangements and the next day for even-numbered arrangements. This means each class meets every other day, rotating through an eight-day cycle.

George School Glossary

To fully understand how students experience this new schedule, it helps to know some George School terminology:

Arrangement: Equivalent to class periods, arrangements are the building blocks of schedules. It is an “arrangement of meeting times” for a particular class. In this new schedule, classes meet at different times on different days. This schedule supports students who are morning people—they have each class in the morning sometimes. Students who are not morning people will not have the same class every morning. For 2021-2022, arrangements are numbered 1–8, with one day for odd and the next for even. Each class meets every other day, rotating through an 8-day cycle.

Collection: This is George School-speak for advisory, a small group of students led by a faculty member, who serves as their academic and social advisor—and often their mentor and friend. Collections meet twice a week and attend meetings for worship together, becoming tight-knit and supportive units.

MFW: Meeting for worship (MFW) is the Quaker ritual of coming together as a community to seek Truth and Light. Each person centers themself individually; collectively we center ourselves in the larger container of the gathered silence. When we participate in Meeting with humility and discipline, we open ourselves to wisdom greater than our own, and to the possibility of reaching a deep, even transcendent place. Students attend MFW on either Tuesday or Thursday (as well as Sunday morning if they are on campus then).

WIN: Standing for What I Need, WIN is unstructured time during which students can meet with teachers, drop by the Learning Center, go to the library, socialize, relax, eat, have club meetings… whatever they need.

Not sure about today’s schedule? Check out the details on the Campus Life section of My.George.School.org.

You can download and print a pdf version of this schedule.