Study Hall

The study hall program is available to students (boarding and day) Monday-Thursday, 7:30-9:30pm in the library.

New 9th grade and 10th grade boarding students are required to participate in New Student Study Hall. This program will run through the first six weeks of the semester. 9th grade day students are encouraged to foster good study habits by studying at home with guidance from either their parents or guardians during this time. Once the program concludes, all 9th grade students will have the opportunity to study in the library during study hall hours.

Quiet Study Hall is offered to returning students who prefer to complete assignments in a supervised space. It is held in a classroom in the Mollie Dodd Anderson Library. Students who wish to participate in this program should contact Minnie Lee, Director of Learning Center Services.

The Waghorne Academic Study Hub (WASH) is also available during study hall in the library. Students can book appointments with Math Help, the Writing Center, and peer tutoring for language and science here or they can come to the library for in-person sessions.




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Peggy shares her love of reading with students and helps them discover that there is a book for everyone.