Study Hall

The study hall program has been revised during the 2020-2021 to ensure the health and safety of the George School community.

  1. Boarders on campus attend study hall in their dormitories from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. (Sunday through Thursday)
  2. Day students are encouraged to facilitate a study environment at home.
  3. The Waghorne Academic Study Hub is back! Shifted to an online format until we can meet again in the library during study hall, students can book appointments with Math Help, the Writing Center, and peer tutoring for language and science here.  Autumn Thayer can help you with math on Monday evenings during study hall and Tuesday afternoons. For our international students, Travis Ortogero is available in the early hours of the morning and on some evenings to help with all kinds of math. Payton Ritchey, Debbie DiMicco, and Chris King can offer guidance on structure, style, and mechanics of writing, and lastly, we have a friendly, knowledgeable team of peer tutors who can lend a hand in Spanish, Chinese, French, Latin, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and various disciplines in mathematics. We’re here for you, so book your session!










Our Faculty

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