Adam Wilson ’87 Opens New Building

Adam Wilson ’87 co-founded the Griffin School in 1996 and serves as its head of school.

Adam Wilson ’87, the head of school at Griffin School in Austin, Texas, celebrated the opening of a new building on campus. Designed by Murray Legge Architecture, the building is the school’s first ground-up construction.

Texas Architect magazine highlighted the new building in their May/June 2018 issue. The article, “Creature Prep,” highlights how the imaginative design of the school’s campus supports the educational mission of the “college preparatory high school community defined by academic rigor and creativity.”

“Legge’s building, house-like in its profile, feels at once poised and playful. Deferential to its context, it is nevertheless not shy about assuming its place. Without being a try-hard, it commands attention,” said author Christopher Ferguson. “Services, in addition to a well-equipped recording studio, are centralized, leaving the remaining space for five intimate yet airy classrooms, two on the ground floor and three on the level above. Each classroom has a large window or dormer, bathing the modestly proportioned spaces with indirect light and affording views of the snug neighborhood.”

“Schools are not defined by a collection of buildings; rather, they are defined by community,” continued Christopher. “This is a value shared by Adam, the head of school and co-founder of the Griffin School. Established in 1996 by Adam and four other colleagues, the high school was designed as a crucible for a passionate community made up of gifted students who learn in various ways, and the educators who devote their lives to teaching them.”

School histories notwithstanding, it is easy to see similarities between Griffin School (where teachers are called by their first names) and George School. Adam says of Griffin: “I am passionate about engaging young people in their own education and personal development, and I hope that my collaboration with our talented, dedicated teachers models a love of work and of learning that inspires our students to develop a life full of meaning and service.”

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