Newtown Friends Fast-Track Application

George School and Newtown Friends are thrilled to announce the introduction of a fast-track application for NFS students interested in continuing their Friends education at George School. We hope the opportunity for a streamlined admission process reduces stress and allows your child to stay focused on their pinnacle year at Newtown Friends.

While there are several benefits, perhaps the most exciting feature of the NFS fast-track application is that students do NOT have to submit the SSAT. The NFS fast-track application is only available to students applying for the November 1 deadline. Students may still apply by our standard February 1 deadline, but would need to submit the SSAT and materials through the Standard Application Online. Instructions for submitting our standard application (rather than the NFS Fast-Track application) are available here.

NFS Fast-Track Application Requirements

Parent Application Form. In addition to basic biographic information, we ask you to reflect on your hopes for your child’s continued growth and share information that helps us honestly understand their journey and how we can partner with you as a family to set them up for success. We do not expect perfection, we expect young teenagers who have both tremendous strengths, but also a lot of room to grow.

Student Application Form. No essays required! We ask three quick short-answer questions for your child to briefly share their thoughts. This is separated from the parent application form in the hopes that your child will own this part of the process.

Math and English Recommendations. From your application portal, you will input the contact information for your child’s current Math and English teachers. We ask for their input because of how essential their feedback is in understanding appropriate placement in high school as well as what we might expect in terms of classroom behavior and approach to academic work.

Input from Newtown Friends administrators and counselors. The team from the school office offer additional context about the positive impact your child has had at Newtown Friends in support of their application.

Admission Visit. You will experience a student-led tour followed by a conversation with a George School admission representative. Relax. The conversation is meant to get to know your student and your family better and provide a chance to ask questions. Our best advice to students is to be yourself and come ready to share your hopes for high school. George School offers tour/interview opportunities three times each weekday, and is pleased to also open Saturday, October 26 to NFS families. You can begin the process of scheduling your visit online.

Financial Aid

For families applying for financial aid, we are able to notify you of a preliminary financial aid award at the time of decision notification thanks to the use of prior prior year tax information. This means you can submit your financial aid application using tax information from two years ago. The financial aid application, known as the Parents Financial Statement (PFS) is due December 1 and can be accessed here.

Nest Steps

We are very excited about this initiative and hope it can make the process (and eighth grade!) more enjoyable for your family. If you are interested in pursuing the Fast Track Application, email Jordan Pascucci at jpascucci@georgeschool.org with your child’s name. You will then be sent an authentication email allowing you to create an account to access the online application.

Register Now

Our Fall Open House is Sunday,
October 27, 2019 at 1:30 p.m.

NFS Fast-Track Application Dates and Deadlines

November 1, 2019

Parent Application Form submitted
Student Application Form submitted
Recommendations and transcripts requested

December 1, 2019

Financial Aid Application (PFS) submitted

December 20, 2019

Decision notification (including financial aid awards)

January 6, 2020

Commitment to George School due with signed contract and nonrefundable deposit

Frequently Asked Questions

Is financial aid available?

Yes, our same financial aid policy and approach applies to families applying through the NFS fast-track application. Visit our Tuition & Fees web page to learn more. The only difference is the timing. Since you will receive your admission decision December 20, you can use tax information from the previous two years instead of needing to complete your taxes before applying.

Do I have to apply by November 1 if I’m considering other schools? Is there a disadvantage if I don’t choose the Fast-Track application?

No, there is no disadvantage in applying through the standard application deadline and process. The Fast Track option is most appropriate for students and families who view George School as their ideal destination for high school. Those who are unsure or considering several options can apply by February 1 for consideration at no disadvantage.

If I apply for February 1 do I need to submit the SSAT even though I’m a Newtown Friends Student?

Yes. The SSAT is required through our standard application process regardless of current school.

I don’t attend Newtown Friends, but I attend (another Friends school). Can I use the fast-track application?

At this time we are piloting the fast-track application with our campus neighbors, Newtown Friends. We hope to offer it more broadly in the 2020-2021 application cycle.