Anderson Scholarships

Each year, Anderson Scholarships are awarded to four new boarding students, one of whom must be a Quaker. Anderson Scholars will receive a $15,000 award each year they are enrolled, provided they continue to demonstrate the qualities for which the award is given. Anderson Scholars embody the principles of social involvement, respect for others, and a commitment to academic excellence (each area will be weighed equally). In brief, we look at:

  1. Academic Achievement: Students must have at least a B+ average.
  2. Community Involvement: Students should demonstrate a record of service in their schools, religious institutions, or community organizations.
  3. Potential for Leadership: Students should be role models who exhibit a positive attitude, concern for others, and respect for the rules and values of the school.

Apply now:

Complete the George School admission application by February 1. George School accepts the Standard Application Online (SAO) from SSAT. Visit the How to Apply section to learn more.

Click here to learn more about the Anderson Scholarship and how to apply. The application deadline is February 15.

Note: Anderson Scholarship applicants may also apply for financial aid. Scholarship and financial aid packages, in combination, may not exceed the cost of full tuition.