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As you pull in through quiet woods, the rooflines of lovely old buildings emerge. No, this is not some magical hideout. It’s a school. Even if you have seen photos of campus or our Campus Map, chances are that your jaw will drop when you see the real thing.

Walk down the halls and peek in some classrooms. Chemistry lab here. Clay studio there. Discussions from Achebe to Zapata. Reading The New York Times. Writing code. Speaking Chinese. Or venture inside those charming dorm exteriors to experience their lively interiors.

Back outside, you can watch a soccer game or pet a horse. “Mind the Light,” literally, as it streams into our historic 1812 meetinghouse, moved here in 1974, or the two-centuries-newer Fitness and Athletics Center nearby.

Speaking of nearby, you may want to stroll to the boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops of quaint Newtown, as our students like to do. The area has plenty of places to eat and stay, and getting to campus is easy.

We offer a variety of gatherings and overnights. Simply contact us, or check the calendar for upcoming events.

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Upon arrival, Lexi discovered that George School students are all different and all the same—welcoming.